Doceniono szybki wzrost i aktywność w pracy na rzecz klientów obu praktyk kancelarii:

The competition and consumer protection department at BWHS Bartkowiak Wojciechowski Hałupczak Springer is led by Andrzej Springer and recently added Kata rzyna Racka and Łukasz Wroński, both of whom held senior positions at the UOKiK before joining the firm in July 2018. The group has developed a significant practice in competition litigation. Springer is representing Magna Polonia in a private enforcement stand-alone action against Emitel .”

“BWHS Bartkowiak Wojciechowski Hałupczak Springer Sp.k. has a niche in supporting investment funds, seed funds and start-ups at all stages of their operations. The expanding group welcomed Katarzyna Racka and Łukasz Wroński from the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection; and Patrycja Gorgoń-Wróbel from an in-house position, amongst others in 2018. Monika Hałupczak, Dariusz Bucior and Katarzyna Miłek advised Aper Ventures on the creation of an investment fund and on an investment agreement with the Polish Development fund.”


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