Representation before the National Appeals Chamber

The course of tenders is often decided before the National Appeals Chamber. We have many years of experience in the effective representation of client's interests before this body.

BWHS drafts appeals to the National Appeals Chamber and provides a representation of the parties before the NAC. We also prepare accessions to appeal proceedings before the NAC, as well as complaints against NAC decisions to regional courts.

BWHS represents one of Poland's leading companies specialising in IT services and outsourcing IT services before the National Appeals Chamber. We have repeatedly helped to maintain favourable results of public procurement contracts.
BWHS lawyers helped obtain a favourable decision of the NAC for a client - a contractor of construction works, convincing that the prerequisite of experience specified in the contract was fulfilled.
We identified the scope within which the contracting authority's decision could be effectively challenged by analyzing competitive bids. This allowed us to challenge an erroneous selection of the most advantageous offer and, consequently, our client won a multi-million contract.
Over the last few years, we have successfully represented an engineering company providing design, work management, implementation, and technical maintenance services for the infrastructure of modern buildings before the NAC. Thanks to our support, the client obtained multi-million contracts for construction works.