Support during the public procurement procedure

We provide legal assistance to the ordering party in evaluating tenders submitted by contractors in a public procurement procedure.

We prepare all correspondence between the contracting authority and contractors, such as letters, requests for supplements, applications, answers to bidders’ questions, as well as answers to appeals and complaints to the regional court. In addition, as part of our cooperation, we provide the contracting authority with representation before the National Appeals Chamber and regional courts.

On behalf of the contractors, BWHS offers legal assistance in conducting correspondence with the ordering party during the procedure, drafting questions to the wording of the ToR, responding to requests for supplementation or clarification of the wording of the tender or abnormally low price. We also offer verification of competitive bids in terms of their compliance with the ToR and with the ordering party’s requirements.

Contact persons
By preparing correspondence with the ordering party in the course of the proceedings, we have repeatedly protected our clients from modern technology, IT outsourcing, and construction industries against rejection of offers and retention of tender deposits. In addition, we have effectively explained the content of the offer and countered allegations of abnormally low prices.
Thanks to our legal opinions on the compliance of competitive bids with the Terms of Reference and the ordering party requirements, our IT and aviation sector clients have successfully appealed to the NAC. As a result, they won multi-million contracts.
The analysis of legal risks related to the participation in a public procurement helped our client from the aviation and road infrastructure sector to optimally draw up an offer and make a decision on further involvement in the procedure.