Public procurement law

We understand perfectly well the specificity of the activity of both contractors and ordering parties.

We offer contractors, among others, support in preparing offers and analysis of tender documentation, as well as representation before the National Appeals Chamber and in negotiations with the ordering party, as well as full legal support at each stage of contract execution. In addition, we assist the ordering parties in selecting the appropriate procedure of awarding contracts, actively participate in the works of the tender committee and represent them in the proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber (NAC). We also handle all the formalities, including drafting procurement regulations, sample letters, forms, declarations, and purchase plans, as well as preparing tender documentation.

Our Public Procurement Law Practice consists of a team of highly qualified specialists. One of our lead lawyers, Patrycja Gorgoń-Wróbel, has completed several governmental trainings concerning classified information and has obtained security clearance for access to classified information, including UN and EU information. This is especially important for clients who implement projects under the Public Procurement Law, where access to secret information is possible only with such certification.

If you are looking for an experienced law firm that will take care of business risk reduction and will safely conduct proceedings under the Public Procurement Law, we invite you to learn more about our services.