Preparation and assessment of the CSG

We prepare tender documentation in accordance with the ordering party's needs.

We prepare tender documentation compliant with the ordering party’s needs, including, but not limited to, the contract notice, the ToR, and the template for the agreement attached to the ToR. In addition, we offer a review and verification of tender documentation to make sure it complies with the public procurement law.

For contractors, we prepare legal opinions on the content of the ToR and prepare questions to the ordering party regarding the content of the ToR, along with a proposal for possible modifications. BWHS prepares the analysis of tender documentation in terms of legal risks taking into consideration the business profile of a given entrepreneur.

Contact persons
BWHS's client, a local government unit, in proceedings taking place in 2021, introduced the recommended changes to the Terms of Reference. Those changes prevented appeals to the National Appeals Chamber and the need to cancel the entire procedure.
We helped to correctly qualify the project as construction works concession agreement and select the appropriate procedure for selecting a contractor for the investment. As a result, the client avoided the risk of breaching public finance discipline.