Legal assistance during the execution of a public contract

Our law firm provides legal services during the performance of public procurement at every stage of its execution.

We participate in meetings of contracting parties, both in terms of coordination and concerning claims made at the contract execution stage. In addition, we provide support in drafting subcontracts as well as service and supply agreements, ensuring their compliance with public procurement law and the client’s requirements.

Our law firm comprehensively cares for appropriate documentation of each stage of the contract execution by the contractor, including the preparation of time extension and additional remuneration applications. We also provide legal advice on matters related to claims under quality guarantees and warranties.

BWHS prepares legal opinions at the client’s request, the subject of which is the assessment of litigation risks associated with the implementation of contracts.

In the event of a dispute, the matter is taken over by experienced lawyers, who also provide assistance in mediation and settlement talks with the aim of settling the dispute amicably.

Contact persons
We have provided comprehensive legal services at every stage of public procurement, up to the implementation of rights deriving from the quality guarantee and warranty for the ordering parties.
We supported a client from the construction sector in preparing subcontracts as well as service and supply agreements. We ensured their compliance with public procurement law and the ordering party requirements, thanks to which the investment was carried out efficiently. As a result, the client avoided paying contractual penalties.