Labour law disputes

As part of its litigation law specialisation, BWHS handles labour law litigation for its clients.

Labour law disputes most frequently concern issues related to termination of employment contracts or financial claims filed by one of the parties to the employment relationship (including claims for violation of non-competition clause, payment of bonuses, compensation for violation of labour law, violation of personal rights of employees).

Apart from that, our Law Firm advises its Clients on an ongoing basis on labour law issues, in particular in situations that can potentially lead to court litigation. In such cases it is particularly important to secure and gather evidence in advance to support the future litigation position.


BWHS lawyers have advised a group of Retail companies on the acquisition of employees as a result of M&A transactions and on the sale of organised parts of the enterprise.
BWHS successfully litigated an employment dispute on behalf of a company in the commercial real estate outsourcing sector in the form of a final judgement of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw. The crux of the dispute was whether the employer's actions constituted an offer or a preliminary agreement with the prospective employee.
We regularly litigate employee termination claims, often seeking settlements in order to reduce the employer's costs and organisational exposure.
We draft documents related to the employment relationship: from those initiating its establishment to those ending the employment relationship.