Antitrust disputes

In an increasingly competitive market, more and more disputes arise between entrepreneurs on the basis of allegations of infringement of the principles of fair competition.

BWHS has experience in conducting such disputes e.g. for business entities in the telecommunications, IT and insurance industries.

In such disputes it is becoming increasingly important to secure the customer’s claim, in particular through temporary injunction, as only such action can prevent the damage and loss of market position of the unfair competition and in BWHS experience many times leads to out-of-court settlement of the dispute.

BWHS prides itself on its extensive experience in the speedy preparation and execution of effective security applications.

Supporting the litigation team in these types of cases is an extensive competition and consumer protection department, which includes, among others, lawyers previously working for many years at the OCCP.

In March 2021, BWHS law firm led to a first-instance ruling by the District Court in Warsaw prohibiting one of the news television stations from using cryptic advertising of services of a company from the same capital group.
In October 2021. BWHS led to the dismissal of a collateral application by one of the TV broadcasters against a telecom operator, concerning, among other things, violations of unfair competition laws through allegedly unlawful re-broadcasting of a TV programme.
BWHS regularly represents the largest Polish telecommunications operators in disputes over the content of advertisements, including in particular comparative advertising. As part of these proceedings BWHS has on numerous occasions obtained injunctions, which consisted in common courts issuing orders to cease the discriminated activities.
BWHS represents one of the largest insurance companies in Poland in a dispute with its former agents, who after termination of cooperation undertook competitive activities.