CHF mortgage disputes

BWHS represents banks in proceedings regarding mortgages in Swiss francs.

At present, the number of litigations conducted by BWHS is in the thousands and, in addition to legal knowledge, experience in handling such a large number of cases is essential. BWHS has the know-how encompassing the complex practical issues necessary to handle a large number of similar cases.

The efficient handling of so called Swiss franc litigation is facilitated by the BWHS network of attorneys and legal advisers that it has established on a permanent basis in major Polish cities.

BWHS simultaneously conducts more than 2,000 proceedings in so-called Swiss franc cases, representing the lender in them.
In 2021, in one of the Swiss franc cases, BWHS obtained a significant judgement in which the court distinguished the situation of spouses who were borrowers, finding that one of them was a consumer and the other was not - which led to a partial dismissal of the claim.
The firm handles lawsuits by banks against customers for remuneration for the use of capital.
In October 2021. BWHS began handling mediation between one of the banks and the borrowers.