Tax proceedings

We offer the support of tax advisors in the course of tax proceedings, including the audit of tax and fiscal audits.

We prepare necessary documents and represent taxpayers in tax proceedings and later in administrative court proceedings. In addition, we actively participate in inspection activities and handle correspondence with inspection authorities on behalf of our clients.

BWHS obtained a judgment of the Voivodship Administrative Court for one of the largest beer producers in Poland, which resulted in the tax office refraining from collecting wrongly calculated interest on excise tax.
BWHS obtained (as a result of proceedings before the Supreme Administrative Court) a refund of the real estate tax on a new production line for a leading producer of insulation materials.
In April 2021, BWHS obtained for one of its clients a judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court ordering a favourable tax interpretation confirming that when paying a dividend to a foreign shareholder for the purposes of applying the withholding tax exemption, it is not necessary to examine whether the shareholder is the beneficial owner of such dividend.
In May 2021, BWHS's client obtained a tax interpretation confirming that it is entitled to deduct the VAT from an invoice documenting the acquisition of an organised part of an enterprise, which in fact turned out not to be an organised part of an enterprise.