Tax law

We provide comprehensive tax advice and assistance in settling current tax liabilities.

Tax law regulations are subject to constant modifications. At the same time, they have a real impact on the rights and obligations of every business, regardless of its size or the industry it represents. Our clients’ experiences show that for most businesses, ongoing tax assistance from a specialized law firm is the safest solution.

We endeavour to minimise the tax risks that businesses may experience. We also implement actions in the field of proper tax optimization. We offer support in ongoing tax matters, assistance with transfer pricing, mergers, and acquisitions, in the process of transforming entities, and other issues relating to public law liabilities. We represent our clients before tax authorities and administrative courts.

We have experience in cooperating with both international corporations and companies operating on the local market. However, we are convinced that effective tax advice is individualised – taking into account not only current legal regulations but also the specific nature of the business and business aspects is a must.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of services offered by our experts in the field of tax law.

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