Other areas of labour law support

Successful business management requires knowledge of labour laws, a quick response to staffing situations that arise, minimising legal risks associated with HR and employment policies, but above all the ability to build and maintain relationships with employees.

Thanks to our experience in serving corporate clients, we support, among others, in the area of:

  • remote working,
  • whistleblowers,
  • hiring of senior managers,
  • development of HR documentation, complianceanti-bullying procedures, whistleblowing procedures,
  • advice on the acquisition and processing of employees’ personal data,
  • support in crisis situations,
  • preparation and implementation of internal labour legislation,
  • immigration law (issues related to employment of EU and non-EU foreigners, legalisation of residence, obtaining work permits),
  • preparing and implementing procedures to ensure the protection of confidential information,
  • advice on the taxation of employee benefits
  • training.