Representation at every stage of criminal proceedings

Representation at every stage of criminal proceedings, including the enforcement stage, and assistance in crisis situations (arrest, search, interrogation, presentation of charges, pre-trial detention).

BWHS lawyers represent clients in criminal, minor offences and criminal fiscal prosecution in every phase of proceedings before law enforcement agencies, courts and the Supreme Court.

We offer assistance and representation both at the pre-trial stage (including before the formal initiation of proceedings) and in court.

We also represent clients in enforcement proceedings and those involving extraordinary appeals (cassation, resumption of proceedings, extraordinary complaint).

BWHS also provides assistance in emergency and crisis situations such as:

  • detention of a person,
  • search of a person or premises, vehicle,
  • retention of belongings,
  • blocking of a bank account,
  • presentation of charges,
  • questioning,
  • pre-trial detention of the suspect or other preventive measures,
  • the application of asset-based security.