Magdalena Wazowicz

Head of the Support Team

Wazowicz Magdalena

She takes care of all the cases conducted by our Firm. She monitors the circulation of documents in the firm and the course of court cases, remaining in constant contact with the courts and other relevant institutions. She is responsible for the organisation and constant updating of the BWHS case repertory. She knows how to solve problems even before they arise. Responds to lawyers’ needs on an ongoing basis. Multitasking and effective, she is open to people and out-of-the-box solutions.

She gained extensive experience working for 7 years in the District Court in Warsaw, and then for 6 years in the Court of Appeal in Warsaw.

She holds a master’s degree in administration from Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw. She completed courses in fast writing and team management. She speaks English.

She loves action games on a console and all kinds of sports activities. She is interested in her own and her team’s personal development.