Audit of intellectual property rights

Intellectual property audits offered by BWHS allow to identify risks related to intellectual property, particularly to assess the effectiveness of acquisition of copyright and trademark rights.

A frequent problem of organizations is insufficient or even defective transfer of copyrights to works, including computer programmes. In extreme cases, it leads to a situation where a given entity does not hold copyrights to a programme it created itself.

Such risks exist in particular when using a chain of subcontractors and can be effectively and simply eliminated by making use of legal assistance at an early stage.

As part of due diligence for an investor - a telecommunications company - we assessed the intellectual property rights of a cable operator. We reviewed trademarks, license agreements with broadcasters, and contracts with employees and collaborators. In addition, we assessed the risks connected with the transaction and suggested ways to minimize them.
As part of an audit of a company developing trade automation solutions, we examined the correctness of obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights, including rights to computer programs created under employment contracts and B2B agreements.