Magdalena Materowicz-Kukla

Attorney-at-law, Associate

Magdalena Materowicz-Kukla

Magdalena Materowicz-Kukla specializes in civil procedure, in particular in cases concerning protection of copyrights, personal rights, industrial property, compensations and damages, as well as consumer disputes with banks and insurance companies. She has extensive knowledge on the rulings of the District Court in Warsaw and the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, regarding civil and commercial cases.

She worked as an assistant judge in the District Court in Warsaw: in the civil department, the family department and the EU Trademarks and Community Designs Court as well as in law offices where she practiced during her apprenticeship. She cooperates with the Pro Bono Legal Aid Centre.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, and then completed her legal training at the OIRP in Warsaw and completed Postgraduate Studies in Intellectual Property Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration in Warsaw. Participated in national and international training organised by the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution. She is entered in the list of legal advisers of OIRP in Warsaw (entry no. WA-15451).

Her passions are travelling and cooking.