Yingke law firm has ranked by ALB CHINA POWER LIST 2015

Yingke Law Firm
This year Beijing Yingke Law Firm became the largest law firm in China by taking its fee-earners to 3977 while achieving a revenue growth of 40% and dazzling business expansion with 8 new branches in and outside China. 
Nominations won by Yingke’s partners atthe ALB China Law Awards 2014 was Managing Partner of the Year, with the firmitself winning nominations like Employment Law Firm of the Year, IP Law Firm ofthe Year, Litigation Law Firm of the Year, Real Estate Law Firm of the Year,and Beijing Law Firm of the Year.
Yingke has also established astrategic partnership with China Taoism Finance & Tax Consulting Co Ltd toupgrade it taxation practice onto a higher level. It now boasts presence in 13 foreign countries and 17 out of 31 Chinese provinces.

The ALB offical link Chinese and English: http://www.legalbusinessonline.com/news/alb-china-power-list-2015-(双语)/68141